As the holiday season approaches, the mad present panic starts to set in: What do I give them? Where do I get it? What do they like? What if they already have it? Instead of relaxing and cherishing the time we have together, the Holiday season has become commoditized, or all about the presents, the decorations, the buying, the spending. At some point along the way, many of us have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas and gotten caught up in the to-do lists. 

This year, we challenge you to look at the holidays a little bit differently. Instead of focusing on plastic toys and disposable items that won’t make it to next Christmas, consider giving the gift of an experience to your child. We all know that they have more than enough toys hidden away in their closet, under their bed and in their backpack, so why not give them something that they can learn from, develop skills, be creative and have something to show for it at the end of it all?

Here at CraftLab, we pride ourselves in providing hands-on, educational experiences using at-home craft kits to teach your child how to create something with their own two hands. This not only fosters creativity and promotes a lifelong skill, but starts to shift thinking into meaningful Christmas gifts instead of another throw-away item. If you’re looking to be a conscious gift giver this holiday season, here is our 2020 gift guide to choosing hand-made over factory-made.

Gemstone Soap Making Kit

Make your very own soaps with this DIY soap making kit! Using only quality, natural ingredients, your child will not only learn how to make these cool items all on their own, but will actually enjoy washing their hands when they get to pick up their very own hand-made gemstone each and every time. With 12 different gemstone designs, your child will create and learn for hours using our step-by-step guide to the science, history and craft of soap making. Clean and educational? Sounds like a win-win to us!

Hand Stitching Embroidery Kit

Perhaps one of the world’s most traditional skills, this hand-stitching craft kit teaches your child the basics of learning to embroider. With step-by-step instructions, our embroidery kit provides the opportunity to learn a lifelong skill, versus a quick diversion like many other toys provide. With 10 iron-on patterns and 12 colours of embroidery floss, your child will develop fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities while navigating this new sewing landscape. Give the gift of creativity this year, a craft great for boys or girls to discover.

Woodland Animals Sewing Kit

Looking for a way to get your child off of electronics and into a creative hobby? Look no further - this sewing kit will do the trick! Our ever-popular Woodland Animals Sewing Kit is always a hit with boys and girls ages 7 to 13, as they learn a new skill and have something adorable to show for it at the end of it all. Complete five projects with step-by-step instructions to learn the skill of hand sewing, and who knows, perhaps your child will be asking for their very own sewing machine to continue creating post-kit. This is a wonderful activity for your children to complete on their own or with a sibling, proudly able to show off their handiwork and cute woodland animals.

Little Monsters Sewing Kit

Which little monster resembles your little monster the most?! This sewing kit is a great way to teach your child problem solving, fine motor skills and the value of hands-on experiences. With five fun projects to complete and over 100 pieces included, your child will stay busy for hours with this educational craft kit, learning the ins and outs of hand sewing all the while creating something fun that they can carry around and show off afterwards. The pre-cut felt pieces and easy to follow instructions make this sewing kit a major hit with kids.

With these four educational craft kits in mind, you can now see how being a conscious gift giver is not just about the environment, but also about your child’s wellbeing. Whether it’s your own children, their friends, your nieces or nephews, it’s important that we put their best interests first.

We hope that you choose to share the gift of creativity and educational fun this holiday season.

Happy holidays!