Educational craft kits that inspire creativity and build self confidence

CraftLab craft kits empower kids. With easy step-by-step instructions, kids develop fine motor and problem-solving skills, confidence, curiosity and self expression.
Thousands of parents use our craft kits to help foster smarter, creative kids.

Arts and Crafts Create Smarter Kids

Researchers and early childhood development specialists are proclaiming the value of arts and crafts in early childhood education. These skills are crucial in a child's ability to navigate a complex world. Arts and crafts foster minds that can contribute innovation and problem solving to the future worlds of industry, technology, business, arts and science.

A recent study conducted by IBM, with interviews of the world's top 1500 CEO's, concluded that creativity is the most important leadership quality for success in life and business.

We want kids to know they are superpowered, capable, innovators whose skills can change the world. Our craft kits are a small attempt to foster that confidence.