All children are uniquely creative beings who want to make things and express their boundless imagination. How can we promote this innate intelligence?

We learned early on, with our own daughter, that her joy and self confidence thrived when she could create art, and build her repertoire of craft skills. We enrolled her in a Montessori school, offering a hands-on learning approach, and we watched as her ability to create blossomed and her self reliance grew.

Like many parents, our biggest problem was finding truly inspiring, ready-made craft kits that actually teach step-by-step handcrafting skills. So we began to make our own - arts and crafts kits that teach sewing, embroidery, soap-making skills and more. Kits that incorporate problem-solving, spark creativity and imagination all the while offering practical skills.

Thousands of parents have ordered our craft kits and witness their kids drop their electronic devices and become completely immersed as they complete and share these hands-on craft projects.

All of our kits are designed to foster social skills by offering multiple individual projects that can be completed with siblings and friends. Our kits are a hit at crafting parties!

Arts and Crafts Create Smarter Kids
Researchers and early childhood development specialists are proclaiming the value of arts and crafts in early childhood education. These skills are crucial in a child's ability to navigate a complex world. Arts and Crafts foster minds that can contribute innovation and problem solving to future worlds of industry, technology, business, arts and science.

A recent study conducted by IBM, with interviews of the world's top 1500 CEO's, concluded that creativity is the most important leadership quality for success in business.

We want all kids to know they are shining, capable, innovators whose skills can change the world. Our craft kits are a small attempt to foster that confidence.

Drew Waters
CraftLab Founder and Dad